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CRO for World’s Largest HR Consulting Firm

Optimizing conversions with a target audience-centered strategy

UX / UI Design
Conversion Optimization
Content Strategy

The Objective

Mercer, a division of Fortune 500 Marsh and McLennan (and also the world’s largest human resources consulting firm) is a true industry powerhouse. Mercer’s marketing challenges centered around their purchasable online HR data products, available on Struggling with out-of-date SEO, poor sales from mid-sized companies, and underperforming online products and pages, Mercer turned to ADK digital strategists in an effort to keep the competition from gaining additional market share. 

Leveraging digital and user behavior analysis tools, we first identified the behavioral trends of the site’s thousands of monthly visitors, then uncovered how to better convert those users into leads and sales. This ongoing monthly analysis allowed the ADK team to determine specific, actionable recommendations for increasing conversion rates across a variety of page templates, content types, and campaigns (both on- and off-site). We then launched targeted surveys to determine the ideal voice and tone when speaking to their target audience across various channels and content types.


Mercer saw a 249% increase on unique product purchases after A/B split testing.


LinkedIn campaigns generated more than 800% ROI.

20+ countries

Digital ad campaigns ran across 20 different countries.

The Solution

ADK kicked things off with a multi-pronged approach featuring a wide variety of strategic initiatives. Within the updated voice and tone standards, we began cranking out high-quality, SEO-focused content with regularity, covering topics relevant to both their target audience and Mercer’s core services and products. To house all this new content, we helped strategize and design a brand new on-site blog: The Knowledge Library. 

Recognizing their need for various forms of content to use in marketing campaigns, we then designed and created custom content templates for infographics, whitepapers, tip sheets, and more. With all of these moving parts, ADK launched several successful paid advertising campaigns on social media in 20+ countries across 3 continents.

The Knowledge Library covers topics relevant to both their target audience and Mercer's core services and products.
ADK began the engagement by understanding our technology, our struggles, and what our goals were for the new site. By going through this exercise, we gained valuable insight and suggestions from our users."
Stephanie Henegar,Principal, Mercer
Continued UX Enhancements

With ADK guidance, the team at Mercer decided they wanted to develop a highly customizable, yet incredibly intuitive tool to help their customers find the exact products they needed with ease - and thus, the concept of the Product Picker was born.

To bring this project to life, ADK developers were brought in to collaborate with the long-serving ADK marketers (as well as members of the Mercer team). Together, all parties were able to design and create the ideal Product Picker tool, one capable of guiding users from around the world down a clear-cut, easy-to-understand path, making the often-cumbersome process of finding the right HR data much easier. Users simply answer a series of simple questions regarding the types of data they’re seeking, the geographic scope of that data, and other quick filters based on a variety of factors.