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Custom M-Health App for Firefly Health

Redefining what high-quality healthcare means with Firefly Health

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Challenging the traditional healthcare approach 

While telemedicine continues to grow in popularity, virtual care interactions are slowly replacing more traditional interactions between doctors and patients. Seeing immense untapped value for patients and healthcare systems, the founders of FireFly Health approached ADK to build a new virtual practice. But, FireFly was to be so much more than just a high-tech m-health platform. The partnering physicians had a lot riding on this idea, as they saw it less as a shift towards telemedicine and more as a revolution in the quality, safety, and cost in healthcare. To get there, FireFly needed a functional and HIPAA compliant m-health application that integrated with a new custom CRM and an existing ERM tool. They needed a highly-sophisticated platform that helped them focus on intelligent care for their patients while building personal relationships with their customers in a historically impersonal setting. 

The App features user-friendly messaging and chat functionalities, allowing patients and physicians to maintain a healthy dialogue and relationship.


ADK started working with FireFly’s very own designer-developer and project manager, jumping in to assist with the initial front-end development of the mobile application in React Native. Meanwhile, ADK’s back-end developers and HIPAA compliant engineers worked tirelessly behind the scenes to set up a complex network of content delivery, medical records access and management, and all the tools that make a virtual clinic exceptionally personalized and user-friendly, including video chat capabilities, instant messaging, appointment scheduling, secure file sharing, creating/modifying care plans, and a virtual waiting room. When launched, the app performed extremely well, as new and existing patients flocked to the platform for their on-going primary care medical needs.

ADK applied their experience working in healthcare app development to execute on this project, pleasing users. They impressed with their communication skills, commitment to the project’s success, and overall flexibility while working with a growing business."
CEO,FireFly Health
Building a future together

Once the robust m-health application was up and running, FireFly required some additional business resources to operate while meeting the high patient demand they were seeing. FireFly leveraged ADK’s industry expertise with startups and internal resources, even moving their fast-growing team into open office space within ADK’s Boston HQ. This gave FireFly the push they needed to focus on the evolution of their clinic. The partnering physicians/owners have since transitioned this endeavor into their full-time gig. ADK continues to build out new features and API integrations for FireFly, recently launching a new website to attract even more partners - from patients to employers and beyond.