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Modernizing a Piping Industry Titan

A modern revamp for a modern manufacturer

Website Design
UX / UI Design
Digital Marketing

Delta's Digital Dilemma

Family-owned and operated since 1984, Delta Machine & Ironworks has been a national leader in the custom pipe supports and steel fabrication market ever since. However, they realized they lacked an important component of the 21st-century branding equation: a strong digital footprint for attracting online leads.

Fortunately, the Delta team loved Globe LLC’s recently revamped website, and the folks at Globe happily made a referral. Using Globe’s ADK-built site and brand aesthetics as inspiration, our team started work on a dynamic new design for Delta.

Digitizing Delta

After a full-day workshop at Delta’s Louisiana facilities, we identified Delta’s biggest goals. Among other things, they said they wanted to connect with younger customers and potential employees.

To help Delta attract members of this frequently hard-to-capture demographic, we laid out plans for a whole new website with the works: full responsiveness, detailed product pages, and rich content throughout. But we didn’t stop there...

In addition to a brand new website, we also:

  • Conducted a series of user tests to gain real-time feedback on what users liked about their existing website in comparison to several predefined competitor websites.
  • Created an entirely new brand guide, complete with refined art direction and updated photography guidelines.
  • Designed new brand-consistent email marketing templates.
  • Crafted a comprehensive SEO plan.
  • Empowered their team to manage their own site content through a series of ADK-guided WordPress training sessions.

Results & What’s Next

Between an expanded site that spotlights every product the company offers, an intuitive WordPress CMS, and a variety of SEO and lead generation best practices to follow, the Delta team has never had more control over their digital brand. They're also gaining more online leads than ever, but that's not all! In fact, their site also received a sleek new custom portal that further streamlines the online shopping experience.

Being the proactive group that they are, the Delta team's always looking to bring additional value to their customers - so when they say they're committed to continuous improvement, they really mean it...and we can't wait to work on their next big improvement!