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Web Application for Suicide Prevention

Digitizing the onboarding process of a suicide prevention program for 10,000 schools nationwide

UX / UI Design
Web Development
CMS Integration

The Objective

Screening for Mental Health, Inc. is a leading mental health advocacy organization led by clinicians who have pioneered a unique approach to mental health issues - that it can be screened for just like other medical conditions. Towards this worthy goal, the company has developed the Signs of Suicide program. The program is utilized in over 10,000 middle and high schools in the U.S. and internationally to educate teachers, students, and parents on how to identify and help people who are at-risk of self-harm. Program materials were being delivered via physical mailers, but SMH knew that a digital tool would be more effective in achieving the program goals. SMH selected ADK to create a custom web portal to deliver this life-saving content.

The Solution

To effectively deliver large amounts of information to an audience of over 10,000 schools, ADK's strategy and UX/UI design teams identified the product's audiences, mapped their user journeys, and designed an experience that was optimal for the teachers, parents, and students who would access the portal. Another essential component of the project was administrative flexibility for SMH staff. The Screening for Mental Health team needed to be able to easily set up school accounts, tailor training packages, and create and edit content. ADK Group built a highly customized Drupal 8 CMS that streamlined program management.

ADK Group has allowed us to meet our objective of reducing barriers to open and honest conversations around the issues of mental health in this country. The site is a manifestation of our organization's mandate and offers hope and a way forward for those confronting mental issues. We could not be more pleased."
Douglas Jacobs M.D.,Founder and Medical Director
Why ADK?

Screening For Mental Health, Inc. was looking for a digital partner who could do it all - from setting a vision through to realization of a final product. From early meetings where the need for a digital platform was identified to the launch of the platform, we worked shoulder to shoulder with our partners at SMH on this most worthy of causes. In the end, the platform is saving the organization time and money while also increasing awareness and adoption of this life-saving approach.