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From websites to eCommerce and everything in-between, build an online experience that drives business results. Leverage technology to power your marketing, sales, and business operations - that's where we excel.

Website Creators, Builders & Marketers
We don't build basic websites. We're not in the business of basic. From discovery to deployment, ADK creates stunning websites with best-in-class front-end experiences & back-end structures. We eat, sleep, & breathe website development, a passion we bring to every project and every partner.
UX & Design
Gain an understanding of your audience, and then craft an experience that appeals to them with bold and impactful designs, engaging content and more.
Development Back-End & Front-End
Web development is in our DNA. From CMS selection to responsive web performance, build something scalable to stand the test of time and technologies.
Digital Marketing, SEO & Content
A great website can only become a true sales mechanism with savvy marketers optimizing everything from conversions to search visibility.
Complex Website Development for a Simplified Digital Footprint

We like to think that we offer the ideal skill-set mix for business-critical web projects, and our partners tend to agree.

If you're looking for a lean partner that that has experience spanning the "front-end" (design, user experience, SEO/content) and the "back-end" (API integrations with CRMs/ERPs, databases, and CMS technologies) under one roof, we should talk.

If you don't know what any of that last sentence means, that's cool too. We collaborate closely with our partners so that their ideas are effectively captured and translated into stunning designs and exceptional online performance. But don't just take our word for it. Check out some of our successful partner initiatives below. 


94% of Toyota's leads are generated from the parts, service, or product pages designed and built by ADK. 


Span Tech Conveyors increased their YoY web sessions by over 1500% and session durations increased 218%. 


Sonoma-Cutrer website was awarded Gold for web design in the 2017 W3 Awards for Visual Appeal-Experience. 

Our Process
Failing to plan is planning to fail
Over hundreds of successful website redesigns, we've learned a thing or twenty. Successful website projects begin with a discovery phase where we work with our partners to develop and document a mutual understanding of internal and external website audience needs. From there, our strategists and project managers get to work building the strategy, turning audience personas into user stories and developing the website technical and functional requirements to move you forward.
Amazing experiences, everywhere
Once we understand the audience and business goals we're ready to begin designing the user experience & interface. Our website designers are all entirely digital - they live and breath desktop, mobile, and tablet user needs and design best practices. Our focus is on clean, functional designs with strong interactivity. To us, successful web design is about more than just how it looks, but how it feels to the user. Content, SEO, and digital marketing strategists are involved at every step of the planning phases, working closely with UX Designers to ensure the site is engaging, impactful, and optimized to perform as it should.
Beautiful websites - inside and out
We got our start as a web development company, building websites that were designed by other ad agencies and marketing companies. We've worked with some of the biggest names in the ad business, building projects for their clients. Early on, this forced us to build the development processes and skillsets of a much bigger company at an early stage. Now that our development team has grown into one of Boston's largest, we've only gotten better. Our skilled team and smart process allows us to deliver even the most complex website projects efficiently and at the highest level of quality.
Launch, run, optimize
Every ADK website goes through a 55 point checklist prior to launch to ensure that no detail is missed. Whether we build a site or inherit it from another company - we understand the importance of optimizing and managing a website for long-term performance. Proactive maintenance, analytics, speed optimization, and SEO are all essential to stay competitive in today's web landscape. Our website management team has all of these skillsets under one roof to keep your website going strong for years to come.
Over the years, the website has grown to become the highest source of new business. ADK differentiates themselves from their competitors with their exceptionally high level of engagement and attentive customer service. They manage the collaboration with strong project management and organization.
Medical Center Orthotics & Prothestics
Chris Baker
Chief Strategy Officer

As ADK's Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Chris Baker knows how to help businesses adapt to the rapidly changing digital landscape.

Chris has 10+ years of product marketing and technology experience and is ADK's go-to problem solver for partners' complex business challenges. From websites, to apps, to full-fledged digital transformations, Chris is passionate about finding the ideal digital solution to boost partner's digital footprint and provide them with a scalable foundation to continue their strategic growth initiatives.  

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Our Partners
From startups launching a new digital presence to enterprise partners adding site features, ADK has vast experience across multiple industries and businesses.