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Have you ever taken a training course or read a book to learn a new skill? Of course you have. Hopefully the instructor/author was interesting, engaging, and you learned exactly what you set out to learn. And then something happened between learning that new skill and your first opportunity to apply it — time passed, and you forgot some of the details! Now what!?

A good facilitator is more like a rudder, and less like an engine.

You need a quick-start guide. Something to jog your memory, or better yet, to lead you through the first time you apply this new skill.

If you’ve read the book Enterprise Design Sprints by Richard Banfield, you’ll have a good grasp on how to run a successful Design Sprint. However, between reading the book and facilitating your first sprint, some time will likely pass, making it difficult to remember all the details.

That’s why we are providing you with The Enterprise Design Sprints Facilitation Guide.