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Whether you have an existing website, app, or a completely new venture into the world of tech, here are eight things that happen when a development shop dives into your project.

1. Determine the Project Needs

We have several types of nerds that specialize in all areas of technology. From designers, to front-end developers, to back-end developers, to project managers – we build the team that is right for your project. But what do all of these vague job titles mean? Project Managers are in direct contact with clients. They are the clients’ main line of communication; they allocate tasks to developers and establish a timeline for the completion of your project. Designers are the artsy folks; they create wireframes, mockups, and interactive prototypes that simulate your finished product. Front-end developers are the mad scientists; they make the mockups and wireframes come to life, allowing the end user to interact with the product. Back-end developers are the glue that puts it all together; they set up a Content Management System (CMS) so you can update the project content or data. Our teams are typically formed by at least one of each position, depending on the project.

2. Research & Client Questions

For those less technologically inclined, we’ll do the research for you. We’ll suggest the best technologies that are a fit for your project, including CMS and language choice. We’ll craft the best way to approach your project by researching the latest technologies and open source software, and we ‘ll answer any questions you have along the way.

3. Planning & Timeline

How long will this take? We’ll communicate internally about your project’s scope and provide an estimate. Your Project Manager will put together a timeline for the project, as well as a plan for our developers with weekly goals.

4. Nerding Out

Nerds assemble! It’s time to code!

5. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

We’ll have regular internal team meetings with everyone working on your project to check the status of tasks that need to be completed. Clients are updated as milestones are met and adjustments are made if needed.

6. Internal Reviews & Edits

During an internal review, we’ll test the functionality and responsiveness, ensuring that everything looks presentable on all screen sizes. We’ll compare the product to the designs that were mocked up; making sure we have every detail exactly right. We will have regular reviews and rounds of edits until the product is client-ready.

7. Client Review & Edits

During a client review, we will give you a link to your project and welcome your feedback. This is your chance to provide clarification and voice any further needs. We will then edit and adjust the project until those needs are met.

8. The Handoff

Your project is complete! For a website, we will launch to the site’s URL. If the project is an app, snippet of code, or anything else, we will give you access to the code that made your masterpiece a reality.