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Webinar: Learn Fast and Reduce Risk With Enterprise Design Sprints

Webinar: Learn Fast and Reduce Risk With Enterprise Design Sprints

Design Sprints were once thought to be the exclusive province of startups and small organizations, but that is simply not the case. To the contrary, we are seeing massive organizations, public enterprises and government agencies rack up successes using this time-boxed method to overcome design and product roadblocks. Many of their stories are captured in the new book Enterprise Design Sprints by Richard Banfield.

In the case of Home Depot, for example, they are conducting 30+ Design Sprints between now and the end of this year. Reykjavik University in Iceland recently ran the largest Design Sprint experiment to date involving 460 students across 92 teams.

Richard recently joined Aaron Walker, VP of Design Education at InVisionApp, on this webinar to discuss his book and answer questions from the audience.

Many of the companies Richard spoke with while researching the book are using Design Sprints in surprising ways – some of which have nothing to do with design. They are using them to determine and validate the problems that are worth solving – the problems that their customers care about. They are running Design Sprints to determine where they should spend time and resources and where they should not. And they are running them in competitive landscapes to understand what companies can do in the face of disruption or market changes.

Watch the webinar to hear Richard and Aaron discuss these and other Design Sprint topics, including:

  • The value of Design Sprints for an organization,
  • Common myths of Design Sprints, and how they came to be,
  • When and for what problems are Design Sprints appropriate?
  • The biggest insights that Design Sprint participants uncover.
  • Tips and tricks for getting senior buy-in.
  • And more…

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