Web Applications

ADK's web and software application development team builds custom web products and web-based software solutions for companies, startups, and nonprofit organizations. If you're looking for a team that can handle custom APIs, complex integrations, database design, our decoupled architectures, our team has the skills and experience that it takes to deliver a great product.

Our Process

Whether you're staffing up for a big new project or scrambling to meet an impending deadline, ADK's custom web application and software development team can help. When it comes to web app and software development, there are many good reasons to outsource. The cost of hiring and recruiting, establishing processes, the list goes on. Here's one more good reason - we're a Boston-based team of web architects & engineers who will work flexibly with you to fit your goals, timelines, and budgets. We've built our business by being a flexible and reliable partner to our clients, and through building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. Our flexible model means that we work in many ways - from offering a single python engineer to work on an existing software team to building a full stack dev team and leading the full software development lifecycle for our clients.

Discovery & Strategy

Keeping software simple

Custom web applications and web-based softwares present a unique set of strategic challenges. Successful projects start with experienced technology, business, and operational minds coming together to determine the best solution for the problem. With diverse audiences, thousands of user interface elements, and complex technology decisions at play, smart thinking at the outset with a team that's been there before is essential. We'll work with you to define the product roadmap, user paths, and optimal development approaches.
Technology Architecture
CMS Integration
API Integration and Development
UX / UI Design
Custom Database Development

From websites to ecommerce, we build online experiences that drive business results.

Mobile Applications

We build React Native apps for iOS and Android. If you're wondering 'what's that?' or 'why not [insert here]', let's talk.

Healthcare Applications

When Boston's leading healthcare orgs need a tech team for their big ideas, we're the ones that get the call. Find out why.

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