Case Study

Consumer Experience Design for a Leading Manufacturer

The Objective

SIKA Corporation is a multinational Swiss-based manufacturer of specialty chemical products whose sealants and adhesives are well known to commercial architects, engineers, and contractors. SIKA’s products are relied on everywhere, from the World Trade Center to the Sydney Opera House. As the undisputed B2B market leader in commercial sealants and adhesives, SIKA began a search for new opportunities for growth with consumers by distributing their products in “big box” home improvement retailers. But a presence in these sprawling stores was just the first step, and selling to consumers is very different from selling to businesses. Without a differentiated customer experience, SIKA’s success in a B2C environment did not mirror that of their B2B sales. SIKA’s products are of the highest quality and are accordingly higher priced. They needed help telling that story and separating themselves from cheaper competitor products.
The Objective
The SolutionThe SolutionThe Solution

The Solution

SIKA’s Director of Digital marketing reached out to ADK Group wanting a consumer-friendly web experience built on Drupal 8 that would augment the consumer’s in-store experience and differentiate SIKA’s products from cheaper, lower quality competitors. He also needed the application to seamlessly integrate with SIKA’s enterprise technology stack (Salesforce, LionBridge, Pardot, Hybris, Bullseye, and Wistia integrations). The high complexity of the solution made ADK Group a perfect partner for the project.

Beginning with a collaborative strategic discovery phase, ADK pulled together a team of UX designers, technology architects and strategists to design the experience and document all technical and functional requirements. With an extremely web savvy client, we co-developed a plan for a best-in-class digital experience that would attract consumers through helpful content.

We ensure SIKA’s content was organically served to consumers during their purchase decisions in the most search engine optimized way possible with creating Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This content would educate customers on the unique features and benefits of SIKA’s products, eventually ushering them along the buyer journey to a purchase. In parallel, we worked with the client’s marketing team to define the integration points with Salesforce, Pardot, and other applications already in their marketing ecosystem.

Along the way, we found creative solutions to make the website engaging and interactive. The final experience includes an interactive product calculator, an immersive virtual home tour showing real-world applications of SIKA products, and an interactive knowledgebase where customers could ask questions and get answers from SIKA experts.  

With highly complex requirements and a large team of ADK and SIKA employees working together, strong project management was the key ingredient to project success. ADK’s project management approach ensured that everyone moved in lock-step allowing the team to deliver at a pace that large enterprises rarely experience. The final result was a fully custom, multilingual, and heavily integrated web experience delivered in roughly 6 months from start-to-finish.

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Why ADK Group?

SIKA Corp. needed a unique partner for this business-critical project. They required a solution that was one part marketing strategy, one part application engineering. As a massive multinational company with goals that included increasing yearly revenue beyond 6 billion dollars, SIKA’s technology requirements were robust - Drupal 8, Accelerated Mobile Pages, PWA compatible, deeply integrated (Salesforce, Pardot, Wistia, Hybris), secure, performant, and accessible. ADK’s balance of deep technology expertise and strong marketing and user experience background in the manufacturing space made for a great partnership.   

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