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Custom Sales Dashboard Application

Virtualizing a custom sales dashboard to support rapid national growth

Technology Architecture
Web Development
API Integration and Development

The Challenge

As one of Massachusetts’ fastest-growing companies, ALKU was facing a unique challenge. Their specialized recruitment teams had developed a highly successful analog process for managing work and communicating successes that relied on whiteboards located in their Andover, MA offices. These whiteboards were so critical to ALKU’s culture and success that when snow was in the forecast, staff would take pictures of the whiteboards before heading out the night before. With rapid growth came new acquisitions and new offices across the country which made the physical whiteboards an unusable solution due to real-time visibility challenges.  

ALKU tried everything, including adding a dedicated camera focused on the whiteboards to make the whiteboards work across locations. Unfortunately, the experience was lost and the tool wasn’t working for the new teams.

ALKU needed a partner to help them digitize the experience, not just the whiteboard, in a way that would drive their next phase of national growth.

The responsive sales application can be projected to several office collaboration areas, viewable across all screen sizes.
6 Locations

Whiteboard data synced across 6 different office locations

100% User Adoption

All eligible users are actively using the new whiteboard tool

13 Departments

User adoption is spread across 13 department groups

The Solution

The multi-disciplined ADK discovery team led a short, focused discovery phase, working on-site with ALKU leadership and end-users. We mapped the existing process, identified pain points, and architected a product that expanded ALKU’s capabilities while translating what worked about the whiteboards into a new digital solution. 

Because the application was going to rely on a key API integration with the Bullhorn recruiting software, we developed an application prototype as a proof of concept. Simultaneously, our UX team worked across various users groups in the organization to develop an intuitive UX/UI. 

The final application includes a database on AWS and an application programming interface (API) that allowed the staff-facing web application to receive data from - and send data to - the database. A key requirement of the project was that all changes had to show up in real-time, so we built the API to ensure real-time data feeds (using WebSockets). On the front-end, the final product offered a simple, friendly, and familiar interface for ALKU staff to minimize the learning curve and streamline adoption. Dynamic dashboards display across high definition large screen TVs connected to Raspberry Pi’s which serve as the “virtual whiteboards” across the various offices. 

The final interface was so in tune with ALKUs workflow that virtually no onboarding or customer training was required. Users are able to interact with the app through shared iPad Pro tablets that are positioned by the monitors and from their personal desktop and mobile devices. 

Users can quickly get pertinent details about a particular client account, including team members, type of client, job history, and more.
ADK came in, understood our goals, and designed a solution that "just works". It has exceeded every expectation that we had for the project. The team at every level of the organization is thrilled with the product."
Mark Eldridge,CEO/Founder of ALKU
Why ADK?

In the RFP process, ALKU was considering ADK’s custom software approach and a solutions integration firm. While both approaches offered merits and drawbacks, they eventually selected ADK’s custom software approach because it gave them the most confidence of success. Their analog system was highly unique, and was best solved through a custom solution. The final result shows that they made the right choice. The product has been a huge hit company-wide. It has been rolled out across the organization to glowing reviews - including this one “Alku loves ADK.” The feeling is mutual, as ALKU and ADK’s product development team continue to partner on additional feature releases that will continue to grow and extend the technology.