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Digital Marketing Becomes Digital Transformation

Innovative design and updated brand standards lead to an enhanced digital presence

UX / UI Design
Web Development
Digital Marketing
Digital Transformation

The Challenge

Span Tech is well-known for making durable and precise plastic belt/chain conveyor systems for manufacturing and logistics clients across all sectors, though they struggled to differentiate their brand from the competition. In addition, they couldn’t generate, nurture, and close leads from their old website due to technical limitations and an inability to produce timely and accurate conveyor system estimations upfront. A technical review revealed that product quoting and fulfillment processes were based off 25+-year-old spreadsheets with complex formulas compiled in Microsoft Excel. They had literally pushed Excel to its limit with millions of rows of code and commands. 

To improve their brand positioning, it became clear that Span Tech needed a revamped web presence, as well as a customized, integration- and user-friendly software solution that encompassed all of their legacy estimation formulas.

Span Tech's brand standards help differentiate them from competitors.

1500% increase in sessions


218% increase in session duration (despite a brand new domain)

The Solution

The new responsive website was rich with product imagery and helpful descriptions. It also featured friction-free lead-generating forms for prospects and distributors to "start their estimate". Meanwhile, ADK’s content team re-architected and then adapted the entire website’s content to the new Wordpress CMS platform. Leveraging SEO and UX content best practices to engage users, the new site included a keyword-friendly new domain and URL structure. 

Part of the SEO strategy also involved refreshing their product content with a more user-friendly and keyword-focused approach. To round it out cohesively, Span Tech received updated brand standards that helped further differentiate them from their competitors. Through a huge spike in organic traffic, was able to generate more digital leads than they had ever hoped for. Since the new website launched, they've received nearly one new lead every day. The YoY results were also impressive:  1500% increase in sessions, 218% increase in session duration (despite a brand new domain). 

Customers will soon be able to build, estimate costs, visualize, and test their entire conveyor system virtually before purchasing.

Custom Software Development

Starting an estimate proved to be an effective call-to-action for site users, and phase 2 involved re-imagining and re-designing the entire quoting process. A new user interface simplified the steps to getting a quote, while the millions of spreadsheet formulas were modernized with new coding, then integrated with cloud and digital technologies. The quoting software continues to pick up momentum from the sales team, engineers, distributors and customers, all the while becoming increasingly streamlined and integration-ready for future scalability. Phase 3 will empower users to intuitively estimate large conveyor jobs by entering the specs themselves, and subsequent phases will further integrate internal processes with engineering software to produce CAD files and 3D renderings. Soon, customers will be able to build, estimate costs, visualize, and test their entire conveyor system virtually before purchasing.