Case Study

New Digital Presence for Top Shelf Wine Brand

Revealing the Perfect Pairing

One of the leading spirit and wine manufacturers in the United States, Brown-Forman was struggling with an out-of-date website and a disconnected eCommerce experience for their flagship wine brand: Sonoma-Cutrer Vineyards. The goals were to increase direct-to-consumer online wine sales and wine club memberships, and promote the vineyard events to visitors well beyond Sonoma Valley. After a comprehensive tour and winery experience, and sufficient time spent consuming more information than wine, ADK identified the key gaps keeping them from their goals. A vision and plan were then crafted and bottled for consumption.  
Revealing the Perfect Pairing
Top-Shelf Solutions EmergeTop-Shelf Solutions EmergeTop-Shelf Solutions Emerge

Top-Shelf Solutions Emerge

ADK reinvigorated both Sonoma-Cutrer’s website, digital content, and its paid search marketing efforts, structuring an online experience as special as their award-winning Chardonnay. In highlighting unique and impactful content about the vineyard, wines, and artisanal winemaking process, visitors can now feel, sense, and experience so much more. ADK's UX Designers created an interactive site rich with visual storytelling. From sales platform integrations to age gates, ADK developers brought it to life, all while navigating the complex regulations related to spirits industry marketing. 

For each section of the site, ADK’s digital marketers crafted on-brand messaging balanced with organic search friendliness. We then leveraged paid search campaigns to target and acquire wine-loving users. As a result of these efforts, Sonoma-Cutrer’s new digital footprint now includes: streamlined eCommerce UX & POS system integration; interactive vineyard maps; immersive virtual wine swirls; and, enhanced club membership UX.

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Uncorking Success

With the first phase of the digital transformation complete, ADK helped Sonoma-Cutrer Vineyards far exceed their goals: 212% increase in paid search sessions over the previous period; Website design awarded Gold in the 2017 W3 Awards for Visual Appeal - Experience; Immediate 1.49% increase in product revenue over the previous period. And finally, with functional scalability built right into the website, Sonoma-Cutrer is selling wine-related gifts and apparel online, as well as marketing their on-site tours, tastings, and other vineyard-related experiences and reservations - a whole new initiative for the Vineyard.

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