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We’re excited to announce that one of the Northeast’s premier user-experience and digital design agencies, Fresh Tilled Soil, is joining ADK. This move brings together two of the Northeast’s leading digital product companies, and deepens ADK’s offerings which span user-experience, digital and web product design, front-end development, full-stack engineering, and digital marketing and analytics.

ADK Group’s CEO, Dan Tatar, noted, “We are excited to grow our capabilities and team. As our engagements continue to evolve, this move enables us to deepen our offering as we build technology, launch new products, and help businesses scale.”

Fresh Tilled Soil’s outgoing CEO, Richard Banfield, added, “This move makes a lot of sense for both companies. Since we started our company 15 years ago, just about everything in the digital space has changed. New platforms, new devices, new industries, and yet one thing hasn’t changed, our clients desire for a high value experience that’s delivered on-time and on-budget. As tech becomes more commoditized, our clients put a higher premium on trust.”

With the addition of the Fresh Tilled Soil team, ADK is now an 85 person full-service team with offices in Boston, MA, Louisville, KY, and Medellín, Colombia. The combined portfolios include work with top companies like Intel, GE Healthcare, Tripadvisor, Brown-Forman, Walgreens, FedEx, LendingTree, Ritz-Carlton, Harvard University, MIT, Hubspot, Intralinks, Toyota, Mercer, and Brigham Health.

The deep experience and shared dedication to delivery of both teams combined position ADK as one of the most proven digital product design and development teams in the space. “New opportunities are immediately apparent and new contracts have already been signed with clients,” says Tatar. “We’re committed to maintaining the highest standards and putting our client relationships first.”

In many ways, ADK and Fresh Tilled Soil have been walking parallel paths. Our Boston-based teams have been delivering exceptional digital and technology experiences for well over a decade to many of the same clients. By bringing together two teams that share the same customer-centric values and an enviable record of high-trust, long-term client relationships, we’re amplifying the value for clients.

“Dan [Tatar] is an excellent leader and I’m excited our team has found a place where they can continue to grow and get the support they need to turn their experience designs into full stack products,” said Banfield, who has joined InVision as VP of Design Transformation.

Joining ADK is Fresh Tilled Soil co-founder and Chief Experience Officer, Alex Fedorov, as well as all 10 members of the UX/UI design and project management organization. Says Fedorov, “It’s great to see the team stay together, support existing clients, and take on new challenges such as working more closely with engineers. Blurring the line between design and development and focusing on the end result is something we’re excited about.”

Fresh Tilled Soil’s Senior Strategist Dan Allard commented: “We’re thrilled to join the ADK team. Our combined abilities in product lifecycle strategy and development meet the key and growing need in the market that I’ve been seeing for years.”

With change comes opportunity.

Let us know how we can put this new partnership to work for you and your team through our project form.