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Industrial Applications

ADK's web and software application development team builds custom industrial products and solutions for manufacturers and industrial organizations across the nation. 

Transformational Tech for Complex Processes
The industrial and manufacturing sector is changing at a record pace as IIoT and big data open the door to digital transformation opportunities. ADK the skills it takes to deliver a great product, with over a decade of industry experience implementing technology solutions that drive your bottom line.
Integrate Disparate Systems
Streamline everything with ERP and ERM platform Integrations, CRM automation, inventory management software, custom API development, and more.
Automate Business & Production Processes
Leverage digital tools that enable shop floor process automation, estimation process optimization, IIOT adoption and beyond.
Market and Grow
ADK Marketing strategists provide SEO/Content, UX design, branding, conversion optimization, customer acquisition strategy, custom analytics dashboards.
Leaders in Digital Transformation

We’re digital disruptors, building and implementing innovative industrial technologies that move your business forward.

From integrating disparate systems to innovating your technology strategy, we’ll be there for every step of your digital transformation. Our flexible developers and engineers are dedicated to delivering custom solutions that meet your needs. With our industrial manufacturing division located in the heart of Kentucky, home of over 4,500 manufacturing facilities, we’re confident our blend of industry knowledge and technological expertise will bring you meaningful business results. ADK solves complex business problems thoughtfully, produce solutions quickly, and assures long-term quality thoroughly. Just ask our partners.


Toyota's marketing team leveraged an optimized eCommerce experience to increase conversions by 447% in 2 years. 

1 Mil+

Recoded over 10 thousand formulas and automated management of millions of rows of data for Span Tech Conveyors.

Our Process
Identifying areas for an impactful digital disruption
Custom industrial applications and web-based software present a unique set of strategic challenges. Successful projects start with experienced technology, business, and operational minds coming together to determine the best solution for the problem. With diverse audiences, thousands of user interface elements, and complex technology decisions at play, smart thinking at the outset with a team that's been there before is essential. We'll work with you to define the product roadmap, user paths, and optimal development approaches.
Designing complex systems and software applications that feel simple
Humans are visual creatures - and no amount of requirements documentation or workflow diagrams can replace the impact of a well-executed wireframe to get ideas flowing. Once the strategy is complete, we begin by architecting the user interface through wireframes, ensuring optimal UX plan that will meet your business goals. In collaboration with our clients and much to the chagrin of our designers, we then nitpick it all until we're certain the entire system's design foundation is perfected. Then comes the really fun part - designs. Building off of the user interface/wireframes, we create user experiences that take products from good to great. Whether you have a strict, well-established brand or are just beginning to build your brand - our designers will make sure that you stand out.
Where smart process and code meet
Our deep bench of software engineers and developers are fluent in a variety of leading front-end and back-end web application and software programming languages. But building a solid product for industrial and manufacturing clients requires much more than having smart, experienced programmers pumping out lines of code. Smart project management, strict code standards, proactive code reviews, and refactoring are the secret sauce to a great web application or software product. We invest heavily in these areas to deliver industrial web and software products that are well architected, with clean code, that are built to scale.
Continuing to Transform
Launch is just the beginning for an industrial application or software product. As user feedback and analytics pour in, new features are defined, optimizations become apparent, and new sprints kick-off. Our long-term, relationship-focused approach means that we're not in the business of developing and forgetting - we work with our clients after their launch to achieve success and evolve their products. In today's landscape, industrial software and applications need to evolve quickly to keep ahead of the ever-changing technological trends. We're here for you every step of the way: integrating, reiterating and continuously offering system enhancements while identifying new technology implementation opportunities.
It’s amazing that ADK Group is able to duplicate and enhance the software that took us nearly three decades to develop in just over a year. Their vast knowledge base allows them to complete many tasks in a short amount of time."
Dale McDaniel
VP of Operations, Span Tech Conveyors
Jon Clark
Chief Technology Officer
Jon Clark's vast technical experience helps ensure all ADK-built web, software, and application products are developed to the highest quality standards.  

Technology is ingrained in Jon's DNA. He knows where the future of tech is headed, and he understands what it takes to build the next generation of digital tools to will propel businesses into the next chapter of their growth. In fact, Jon's already been there done that, yet his passion keeps him ever-motivated towards developing and launching the NEXT big digital innovation. Could it be for you? 

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Our Industrial Clients
We’ve worked with world-renowned manufacturers and created award-winning solutions for industrial b2b's.