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We're mobile app development experts - experienced in every aspect of the process - from concepting, design, and development through to post-launch maintenance, optimization, and enhancement.

Mobile Apps for a World on-the-go
Whether you're looking for a mobile app developer to support an iOs native app or you need a mobile app development team to take your idea and bring it to life, we've been there and built that. We'll help advise you on the big questions, like should you build your app in native code (Swift/Java) or can you find efficiency through one of our favorite mobile app development approaches - React Native?
Full Array of App Services
From custom API integration or creation to technology architecture to application and database development to UX / UI Design, ADK's vast expertise knowledge positions as a go-to partner.
Scalable Technology
Front-end and back-end, ADK mobile app developers are comfortable working within most modern languages and platforms that maximize scalability, including ReactJS, React Native, VueJS, AngularJS, Ionic, Contentful, Firebase, Python.
Makers, Managers, Communicators
As a full-service digital agency, ADK project managers know a thing or two about project management. Open, honest and consistent communication is part of every project, big and small. We don't manage expectations, we exceed them.
Mobile Application Development - A History of Success

On the technical and creative side, developing custom mobile apps requires a mix of multi-lingual developers, scalable technologies, and exceptional UX / UI design that keeps users engaged. Then, the product comes to life with detailed oversight and exhaustive QA across various devices and scenarios. 

Whatever the purpose of your app, ADK can collaborate with your team to build exactly what's needed: a responsive, fully-tested, multi-device app that gets users from download to conversion quickly. All the while, our keen project managers ensure the entire project continues moving forward by swiftly and proactively addressing any development or production hurdles that might arise. 

To other agencies, this sounds like a fairytale. To ADK, it's a reality, and the proof is in the pudding.  


M-health apps for physicians, clinical researchers, and patients. 


IOT applications, and positioning B2B manufacturers for eComm. 


The consumer market is ripe and ADK clients have tasted that sweet, sweet fruit. 

Our Process
Success starts with a plan
To successfully take an app from a concept or a set of requirements and a budget to a successful launch in the app stores requires a sound strategy. Who is the audience? What problem are we solving? What are the technology risks and opportunities? Which integrations are essential and where are custom APIs needed? Discovery is the process of going from an idea full of holes to a well-defined product and a plan to build it. We help you get there, all while eliminating the bad surprises and keeping the fun ones.
ADK Group conducts extensive research to deliver creative solutions with accuracy. Outstanding progress on the Drupal project reflects this approach. Similarly, the migration has increased efficiency and enhanced UX reliability. Their collaborative approach makes them a fit for a variety of needs."
Nick Watkins
Jon Clark
Chief Technology Officer
Jon Clark's vast technical experience helps ensure all ADK-built web, software, and application products are developed to the highest quality standards.  

Technology is ingrained in Jon's DNA. He knows where the future of tech is headed, and he understands what it takes to build the next generation of digital tools to will propel businesses into the next chapter of their growth. In fact, Jon's already been there done that, yet his passion keeps him ever-motivated towards developing and launching the NEXT big digital innovation. Could it be for you? 

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Enterprises and startups alike trust ADK for their app development needs.