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Web Applications

ADK's web and software application development team builds custom web-based software solutions for large companies, startups, and nonprofit organizations. If you're looking for a team that can handle custom APIs, complex integrations, database design, or decoupled architectures, our team has the skills and experience it takes to deliver a great end product.

Web App Developers & Technical Perfectionists
Taking your idea from concept to final product can be riddled with unforeseen complexities like budgetary constraints, timeline pressures and technical hurdles. Your development team shouldn't complicate matters further. Whether you're staffing up for a big new project or scrambling to meet an impending deadline, ADK's custom web application and software development team can help.
Full Array of Web App Services
Whether your app is internal or customer-facing, our team can cover the full gamut of tech services, including tech architecture, CMS integration, API integration, custom API development, UX / UI Design, custom database development, and more.
Scalable Web App Technology
ADK develops highly functional, user-friendly apps using the most common modern development languages and scalable platforms, including Javascript, ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS, WordPress, Drupal, Python, PHP, MySQL, and more.
Project Management Solutions
As a full-service digital agency, ADK project managers know a thing or two about project management. Open, honest and consistent communication is part of every project, big and small.
An Experienced Development Team

When it comes to web app and software development, there are many good reasons to outsource all or part of the project. The cost of hiring and recruiting, establishing processes, the list goes on and the costs pile up quickly without experienced developers on your side.

ADK is a team of US-based web architects and engineers who will work with you to fit your goals, timelines, and budgets. We've built our business by being a flexible and reliable partner to our clients, and through building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. Our flexible model means that we work in many ways - from offering a single python engineer to work on an existing software team to building a full-stack dev team and leading the full software development lifecycle for our clients.

$1 Million+

Intuitive web app for HNRG responsible for over $1 million in sales within the first 3 months of launch.

1.5 Million+

Higher education digital archiving web application stores 1.5 million media files and counting. 

Our Process
Keeping software simple
Custom web applications and web-based softwares present a unique set of strategic challenges. Successful projects start with experienced technology, business, and operational minds coming together to determine the best solution for the problem. With diverse audiences, thousands of user interface elements, and complex technology decisions at play, smart thinking at the outset with a team that's been there before is essential. We'll work with you to define the product roadmap, user paths, and optimal development approaches.
Designing complex applications to feel simple
Humans are visual creatures - and no amount of requirements documentation or workflow diagrams can replace the impact of a well-executed wireframe to get ideas flowing. Once the strategy is complete, we begin by architecting the user interface through wireframes, reviewing, and all interfaces are accounted for and optimal. Then comes the really fun part - designs. Building off of the user interface/wireframes, we create user experiences that take products from good to great. Whether you have a strict, well-established brand or are just beginning to build your brand - our designers will make sure that you stand out.
Where smart process and code meet
Our deep bench of developers are fluent in a variety of leading front-end and back-end web application programming languages. But building a solid product requires much more than having smart, experienced engineers pumping out lines of Python or Javascript. Smart project management, strict code standards, and proactive code reviews and refactoring are the secret sauce to a great web application or software product. We invest heavily in these areas to deliver web and software products that are well architected, with clean code, that are built to scale.
Always Moving Forward. Fast.
Launch is just the beginning for a web application or software product. As customer feedback and analytics pour in, new features are defined, optimizations become apparent, and new sprints kick-off. Our long-term, relationship-focused approach means that we're not in the business of developing and forgetting - we work with our clients after their launch to achieve success and evolve their products. In today's competitive landscape, web software and applications need to evolve quickly to keep ahead of the rapid pace of competitors and technologies. We're here for you every step of the way.
Their rapid progress developing the software, particularly the UI and conveyer builder, has exceeded expectations. Internal stakeholders are confident that customers will enjoy the highly visual and user-friendly program. Trustworthy and organized, ADK Group is a knowledgeable industry partner."
VP of Operations
Span Tech Conveyors
Travis Triplett
Director, Strategy and Partnerships
As ADK's Director of Strategy and Partnerships, Travis is extremely thorough and fearlessly honest. He's also your biggest advocate. 

Travis works with clients new, old, large and small to uncover the business challenges that exist and then determine how to effectively solve them with technology. Internally, he plays a constant devil's advocate on behalf of our clients - questioning us all, challenging the entire organization to continuously improve. At the end of the day, Travis ensures that all ADK clients receive maximum quality and value from ADK services and products. 

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Our Clients
Enterprises and startups alike trust ADK for their web app development needs.