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Automating John Hancock's land leasing process

Making leasing faster and more profitable with ecommerce.

Land Leasing
Mobile Application Development
Digital Transformation

The Challenge

Hancock Natural Resource Group (HNRG) specializes in the management and leasing of timberland and farmland properties, licensing out parcels of land all around the globe. A core part of their business model involves connecting license managers and landowners with eligible lessees who are interested in renting or buying land specifically for hunting and related recreational purposes. 

HNRG was experiencing several challenges related to their land parcel leasing process, and it had become evident that the current system was far from ideal for all stakeholders. As it stood, HNRG site users could view limited online information about available parcels, but most of the actual process for licensing and purchasing the land leases was offline. Customers had to contact HNRG by phone to check on availability and, if available, start the lengthy process of paperwork submissions, multiple phone calls, and snail-mailing checks for payment. 

HNRG wanted to remove the internal administrative burdens of managing this process while also providing customers with the ability to purchase or lease land digitally. 

Users can quickly find and filter available land parcels for purchase across various regions through an intuitive UX, whether on desktop or mobile.
$1 million

Responsible for over $1 million in sales within the first 3 months 


80% of all land orders now processed through the website

6 regions

Customized and used by 6 different US-based regional offices

The Solution

An ADK product team dug into HNRG’s pain points with their land parcel management process to determine how to digitally replicate the time-intensive business and administrative tasks involved. Leveraging Drupal as the primary CMS, ADK developed a custom React application that called APIs to render interactive maps of land parcels and automated much of the logic associated with leasing management, including the commerce portion. 

With the new system, potential leasers can log into any of HNRG’s US platforms to view a map of land parcel locations and filter them. From there, users can view unique licensing rules for each property and decide whether to invest. The platform then allows the users to actually invest in their chosen property, essentially streamlining the users’ entire licensing process, all the way from selection to payment. At the end of the parcels’ lease, the system can auto-renew the lease (60 days before the license expires) or make the parcel available for new investors to lease (30 days before the license expires).

Customers can access pertinent information about land parcels to make investment decisions, including important licensing and renewal dates.
The site processed 80% of all expected orders within the first few months, and it now is responsible for over $1 million in sales. ADK Group delivers high-quality development work with minimal bugs. The team manages a smooth workflow thanks to their timeliness, flexibility, and care."
Solutions Architect,Hancock Natural Resource Group
Why ADK?

Due to our extensive experience as a Drupal agency and history of developing complex applications, HNRG’s design partner referred the company to ADK Group for strategy development and execution. Our technical expertise proved invaluable for HNRG: since launch, online sales through the application have skyrocketed and the system is extremely popular amongst all company stakeholders. ADK continues to work with HNRG as one of its top agency partners.