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Unifying multiple software products – and an entire team – with a streamlined financial advisory platform.


Financial advisors at Broadridge were using multiple software interfaces to manage client accounts, which made it difficult to navigate information and quickly gain insights.


We developed a prototype for a new user interface solution to house Broadridge’s multiple products, and made the overall user experience simpler and more effective.


Broadridge’s financial advisors loved the prototype as it allowed them to focus and prioritize actions with clients on a unified platform.

The Challenge

Financial advisors with Broadridge were experiencing inefficiencies and frustration with the multiple, disparate software interfaces for managing client accounts.

Managing client financial accounts requires focus, the ability to act quickly, and prioritize actions based on market fluctuations or client  feedback. However, Broadridge’s existing software solution was a mess of software interfaces, which made effective client account management challenging and time consuming. 

Despite these frustrations, there was some resistance to adopting a new software solution, which led to a prototyping process so Broadridge’s financial advisors could get a feel for the new platform before adoption.

The Solution

ADK developed a prototype solution for a unified user interface with a streamlined and more effective user experience.

Behavior change is always a challenge when a company adopts new technology. A prototyping process not only helps ease users into a new solution, but makes them part of the development process, so they can see how their pain points are being validated and addressed with the final product.

For ADK, it was all about collecting stakeholder feedback and input to inform a prototype solution that would address the primary pain points of Broadridge’s financial advisors and demonstrate value for their work.

The prototype needed to be dynamic and easy to understand, so end users would be able to clearly see how much more effective they could be with this unified platform. 

The Impact

Test users were excited for the new solution as it directly addressed their feedback and allowed for greater flexibility and productivity in their client management.

In a discovery and development process that took weeks (not months), Fresh Tilled Soil was able to gather stakeholder feedback and turn it into a new unified solution with a fresh, simple, and more efficient user experience 

Continued user feedback helped inspire additional design iterations, and the final prototype effectively changed user behavior, allowing Broadridge’s financial advisors to have greater focus on their clients and better prioritize actions.