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Screening for Mental Health

Raising awareness about suicide risk with an educational online portal for schools worldwide.


Screening for Mental Health needed to adopt a digital strategy to effectively communicate its Signs of Suicide program to thousands of schools worldwide.


Developing an online portal customized for the target audiences and how they consume information, and capable of making large amounts of educational program resources easily available.


The online portal helped raise awareness of its Signs of Suicide program among critical audiences nationwide, and allowed Screening for Mental Health to improve internal business operations.

The Challenge

Physical mailers were no longer effective in communicating the critical message of Screening for Mental Health’s Signs of Suicide program to thousands of schools worldwide.

Screening for Mental Health was realizing the significant challenge of using physical mailers to communicate information about its vital suicide prevention program to thousands of schools in the U.S. and internationally.

The company needed a digital tool to make it easy for schools to adopt and participate in the Signs of Suicide program. 

The Solution

Based on target audience and content consumption research, ADK built an online portal to help Screening for Mental Health expand its reach and amplify its program message. 

Making the multitude of educational resources readily available to such a wide audience required an online portal where anyone could easily access information about the Signs of Suicide program. 

For ADK, it was all about making critical and life-saving information accessible to the right audiences in the right way to help deliver on the program’s mission.

ADK also made the portal easy to update and manage from the backend by the Screening for Mental Health team, with flexibility for them to easily set up school accounts and create tailored training packages.

The Impact

The portal helped achieve the Signs of Suicide program’s goal of raising awareness, and allowed for improved business operations within the Screening for Mental Health organization.

With a centralized hub for information and education, Screening for Mental Health was able to deliver on its mission to raise awareness about suicide prevention in at-risk individuals.

By utilizing a digital solution for its outreach and program implementation efforts, Screening for Mental Health realized time and cost savings internally, allowing the organization to place its focus on what matters most: having an impact on suicide prevention through greater education and awareness.