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Achieving an insurance entrepreneur's bold vision

Going from big ideas to big results with Beyond Insurance.

Drupal Development
UX / UI Design

The Challenge 

Beyond Insurance CEO Scott Addis is a highly successful insurance entrepreneur who has made it his life’s work to transform perceptions and performance in the insurance industry. Early in his career in insurance, Scott saw a problem. While insurance served a critical role in protecting businesses, insurance professionals were often perceived as “less than” other professionals such as lawyers and accountants. Even more disturbing, many insurance professionals had internalized these perceptions and viewed themselves more as salespeople than as professional services experts.

So, he worked with leading actuaries and risk management experts to develop a patented risk assessment methodology which helps companies better assess and improve their risk profile, and ultimately save money. This tool is now known as the Intelligence Quotient for Risk Management (IQRM). 

The process works. It changes perceptions. Clients who used IQRMs went from seeing their insurance professionals as agents and salespeople to seeing them as vital business advisors. And this change allowed Scott to build and eventually sell one of the largest independent insurance agencies in the country.

After selling his business, Scott focused his energy full time on helping insurance professionals find purpose and success through his specialized training methods and tools. He built a global network of insurance agencies known as the Beyond Insurance Global Network (BIGN) who pay an annual fee to access Scott’s tools and teachings. While the network continued to grow, there was a problem that was putting member retention at risk. Network members weren’t using Beyond Insurance’s digital tools, including the IQRMs and were questioning the value of their membership. They often complained that the digital tools that existed were difficult to use. 

At this point, Scott and the Beyond Insurance team knew that they had a new mission: they needed a new technological strategy if they wanted to further scale the network and retain current members. Through a fortuitous introduction, Scott found ADK and a great partnership began. 

I was so impressed with how well they got to know us and our clients. We felt throughout the entire process (and even now!) that they truly care about our success and want to remain a valued partner. The whole process never felt transactional -- it felt like a relationship. I would recommend ADK to anyone that was looking to make a meaningful investment in their web presence.
Ashley Correll,Chief Operating Officer, Beyond Insurance
The Solution

ADK’s discovery process revealed how Beyond Insurance’s existing architecture was causing headaches for members. For example, the BIGN educational content lived on one platform while the website lived on another, and the IQRM tool on yet another. Network members had to maintain multiple logins for a host of different educational platforms, which resulted in a large amount of distracting support inquiries for Chief Operating Officer Ashley Correll. 

The vision for a solution quickly emerged - Beyond Insurance needed a unified technology platform. The platform would have two key parts - a public facing website component and a robust, membership-only portal experience. The portal would serve as the one-stop-shop for network member agencies to apply the Beyond Insurance process, and would include exclusive educational content, the IQRM software, collaborative message boards, and more. 

ADK’s strategy and UI/UX team members consulted with Beyond Insurance’s team and membership in order to chart a path forward to a streamlined, modern experience. Based on the technology requirements, the platform was architected on Drupal 8. Requirements included improving content editability, expediting time-to-market, and planning for long-term scalability.

Most importantly, working with Chief Experience Officer Matt O’Neill and the BI team, ADK developed the IQRMs into an intuitive, high-performance tool for members. The new solution enables members to easily generate an IQRM assessment for a customer, fill it out via desktop, tablet, or mobile device, and receive an immediate risk score based on proprietary scoring algorithms. Additionally, network members are able to leverage best practices developed by leading risk managers and produce beautifully designed reports for customers. These reports detail opportunities for risk profile improvement and outline clear action steps to reduce risk and insurance premiums. Insurance agency owners are also able to track which customers have had IQRMs done and when, and connect an employee’s IQRM usage activities to their performance.

With the new technological architecture in place, Beyond Insurance has seen new leads and more success in winning new members. Within 5 months of the launch of the new platform, 11 new member businesses joined and member retention improved, resulting in millions of dollars of new long-term revenue.

Why ADK?

Beyond Insurance had faced challenges with past technology investments. Fragile technology, budget overruns, poor user experience, and lacking strategy by past partners had prevented them from successfully making the shift to a digital business. The BI team has enormously powerful ideas. Unfortunately past technology partners hadn’t taken the time to see the full vision, As a result, past technology investments hadn’t moved the organization forward. 

We took a different approach. We saw our role as helping Scott and the Beyond Insurance team to become a technology company. We worked in an agile manner together. We documented all their big ideas, while still staying focused on short-term execution. By smartly managing the product roadmap together, Beyond Insurance launched their transformative new platform within budget and in months instead of years. 

Today, we continue to build upon our successful partnership - growing Beyond Insurance’s technology and business, together.