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Delivering a More Unified UI for Postal Services

Postal solution provider Escher Group gains a new foundational UI to offer its customers

UX / UI Design
Digital Transformation
Branding & Strategy

The Challenge

Courier solutions provider Escher Group offers a wide range of services to several global postal clients, including the United States Postal Services (USPS), Canada Post, and Austria Post, to name just a few. Escher’s products are used by more than 35 couriers operating worldwide with its technology reaching over 1 billion citizens globally. Clerks employed by various courier businesses use Escher products to provide a range of postal services for customers.

In the past, Escher developed unique solutions that were tailored to individual clients in different global markets. However, in order to continue to deliver seamless user experiences to their clients worldwide, Escher realized they needed a more unified solution that could be implemented across multiple postal services. At the same time, the company recognized the shift among their customers to self-service solutions. Recent Escher research found that 91 percent of postal services had either already implemented self-service kiosks or were planning to do so eventually

Escher had worked with ADK Group previously on earlier projects. Now, the company turned to its long-time partner again for a solution that would provide its global client network with a more coherent UI for postal employees and create a more intuitive self-service UX for self-service kiosk customers. 

The Solution

Addressing Escher’s two challenges required ADK to take parallel tracts. The first challenge required that ADK focus on the needs of Escher’s postal service clients while the second required focusing on the needs of end-users (aka, postal consumers). 

To address the first challenge, ADK worked closely with the Escher team to better understand how the system worked for postal clerks as they performed their daily routines. The team accessed a demo Escher environment to learn how clerks perform tasks like printing shipping labels, scanning packages, or moving customers through checkout.

After becoming familiar with Escher’s systems, ADK produced a foundational UI kit designed to deliver a more unified core experience. The UI kit, which was inspired by the interface used by USPS, was also designed to scale easily so that Escher clients in different global markets could apply their own requirements, branding guidelines, search functionality, and standardizations as they needed. 

For the second challenge, ADK stepped in to assist Escher’s client Austria Post with their design of a self-service kiosk. ADK teamed up with both Austria Post and Escher to establish the core requirements of the kiosk’s functionality, designing the user experience around core components that would be available across the kiosk experience. Leaning on design tools like wireframes and rapid prototyping, ADK worked to ensure that the final design was aligned with Austria Post’s vision for the ideal kiosk workflow. At the same time, ADK made sure that the final product could also be implemented by other Escher clients as they pursued their own kiosk solutions.

Why ADK?

As a company that provides postal solutions, Escher understood the importance of delivering a smooth experience for customers and also establishing a design framework that would be flexible enough to accommodate multiple clients. Having worked with ADK Group on prior collaborations, Escher could be confident that ADK already had familiarity with its offerings and could understand how its solutions are intended to work. This project benefited greatly from the time and effort ADK invested to understand Escher’s business in earlier engagements. The collaboration resulted in Escher gaining a scalable UI solution that can be used by its postal clients and that can be adjusted to unique  specifications across different global markets. The company’s work on self-service kiosks, meanwhile, empowers postal services to increase efficiency, reduce overhead, and provide more flexibility to postal service customers conducting their business.