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Designing a Better Purchase Funnel for Avast’s Customers

Cybersecurity firm Avast seeks a unified, simple experience for its customers

UX / UI Design
Website Design
Digital Strategy

The Challenge

Cybersecurity leader Avast specializes in helping businesses manage threats across a vast network. The company, which has more than 435 million active users worldwide, offers clients layered cybersecurity solutions that include managed antivirus software, backup and recovery tools, email security, and security internet and web gateway services. Put together, these products work aggressively to stop over 1.5 billion malware attacks and block more than 300 million visits to suspicious websites

Avast’s cybersecurity products are used by approximately 740,000 businesses worldwide. In order to continue serving businesses as effectively as possible, Avast realized it needed to provide a simplified online experience for business clients. 

The challenge was that over the years, the firm’s online business division, Avast Business, had become somewhat scattershot. As the company grew, the expanding set of offerings made finding the right solution increasingly difficult for those customers unfamiliar with industry lingo. 

The company faced similar entropy internally. Teams managed different web properties that sometimes provided customers inconsistent information. For example, one team managed the main Avast Business property while another sister site operated separately to take product questions from clients. The lack of a unifying structure or process to combine and keep the information up-to-date caused confusion and frustration among customers. 

Communication among the different sites was inconsistent, ineffective, and ultimately resulted in a friction-filled user experience for Avast’s internal teams. Prospective customers, especially those new to cybersecurity, often struggled to get clear information on Avast’s product offerings. 

Avast needed to design a single experience that made their customers’ — and their own — lives easier.

The Solution

Avast turned to ADK Group to deliver a solution that combines Avast’s different business-oriented sites into a more seamless, unified customer experience within a single website. Avast’s leadership specified that the team wanted a simplified experience that tied in with the company’s consumer-facing website and made product selection, purchase, and communication simple.

In Phase 1 of the collaboration, ADK worked with Avast’s internal teams on a transfer of knowledge and definitions that covered the scope of the UX and UI challenges. This discovery process included a thorough audit with stakeholders from Avast, including the company’s sales, marketing, and SEO teams, to understand the business priorities of all relevant players. During this phase, ADK also had conversations with several Avast customers and distributors to understand how the existing online structure and information impacted their online experience. This was all supplemented by an industry analysis of comparable UX/UI designs. By the end of Phase 1, the ADK team had built a detailed understanding of the complexities of Avast’s business lines.

In Phase 2, ADK shifted focus to designing the ideal solution that would meet Avast’s business-specific needs. To help make product selection dead simple for any customer, regardless of cybersecurity experience, the team came up with an interactive “Help Me Choose” module. 

Instead of having to open 20 more tabs worth of product details to self-diagnose and prescribe the right product mix, a prospective client could answer a simple 4-question survey. They would then receive a customized list of suggested products and services to consider. This takes much of the guessing work--a major source of frustration--out of the research process for novice shoppers.

To ensure the new module was integrated seamlessly with the rest of the site, the team produced an Information Architecture, navigation design and set of wireframes. These helped to standardize the content and information across the website. The new designs were made within Avast’s design system to ensure that the changes worked within a consistent user experience and are able to be expanded upon by the Avast team. 

Why ADK Group?

Over the years, Avast had created a vast network of online assets to engage with its business customers. As the business grew and shifted, it realized it needed to consolidate its various business-facing web properties into a unified platform in order to offer a seamless user experience for business customers. Avast’s product offering is complex and sophisticated, so it was just as important to create a simplified experience that allows their customers to view and self-select products for their unique and often changing business needs. 

To dig out from product marketing debt and come up with a creative solution to help less sophisticated customers purchase easier Avast needed an outside perspective with expertise in product strategy.

ADK acted as Avast’s partner in this effort, understanding and representing both internal teams and external customers to ensure the factors that matter most to each party were solved for. As a result, ADK was able to design a user-friendly site and differentiated product selection experience that enabled business customers to find the most appropriate cybersecurity products and complete their purchase with as little friction as possible.