Case Study

Healthcare Video Analysis Smartphone App

The Objective

React Native iPhone app to monitor Peripheral Vascular Disease

A team of innovators from MIT and Brigham & Women's hospital came to ADK with an exciting idea - they had developed a way to capture smartphone video assessments of the ankle and analyze changes in skin color over time as a biomarker for heart conditions. They just needed a mobile application interface to connect clinicians to the cloud.

The Objective
The SolutionThe SolutionThe Solution

The Solution

ADK worked with the clinicians from BWH and the video processing algorithm developer from MIT team to determine an optimal application strategy - one that would streamline the capturing and uploading of videos to the cloud for processing. To start, ADK's mobile UX team developed prototype designs for the Vision App which streamlined the user experience and leveraged modern mobile application interface design best practices. From there, ADK created a functional React Native iOS prototype for team. Expect more to come on this exciting technology in 2018 and beyond!

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Our balance of healthcare industry expertise, Boston-based React developers, and strong user experience design teams made ADK an ideal partner for this project. Working closely with clinical experts and MIT academics, ADK's size and experience made us the ideal partner - with the right size and experience needed to execute efficiently and flexibly.

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