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Platforming for growth with Vyaire Medical

Giving a leading ventilator manufacturer the digital marketing platforms needed to fight COVID-19.

Medical Devices
Web Development
UX / UI Design

The Objective: Advancing a Startup Company Through an Expanded Digital Presence

Vyaire Medical is a 3-year-old medical device manufacturer focused on respiratory care with a 100+ year history. The company was formed by a private equity group by spinning out the respiratory care division of the world’s largest medical products companies, BD and acquiring other, smaller brands. The vision of the private equity firms was to better serve customers by creating the world’s largest “pure-play” breathing company. The company would offer the most comprehensive selection of ventilators, respiratory diagnostics devices, and more.  

The brand strategy firm hired by the management team to establish Vyaire in the market, Legion 13, knew that digital strategy would be critical to success. They were working with Vyaire’s new leadership to convey an innovative spirit for the newly formed company, one that would hinge on a robust, direct-to-provider focused digital marketing strategy.

They knew that Vyaire needed a partner that understood the unique, highly regulated dynamics of medical devices. They also understood, after engaging and not getting results with large “digital agency” partners, that they needed a team that could fit in with Vyaire’s innovative start-up mentality. The seemingly contradictory need for a company that could support a startup but also had regulatory experience turned out to be the reason why ADK became a perfect fit.

The Solution: Partnering To Build a Foundation for Digital Success

The partnership began with strategy sessions where the Vyaire, ADK, and brand agency teams came together to:

  • Map customer journeys with digital engagement plans to ensure the new website would serve their target audiences with the right information to drive buying decisions. 
  • Review Vyaire’s existing web technology stack (Salesforce, proprietary CMS, Veeva) to make recommendations toward greater capabilities and enhancements.
  • Assess document control and digital asset management needs to ensure all marketing collateral and website changes would seamlessly integrate with the required review and approval process. 


Working in collaboration with Vyaire’s brand agency, we also ensured that the brand translated well to digital applications. We partnered to develop a digital style guide, which was then integrated with the brand guide to deliver a complete set of guidelines for Vyaire’s marketing efforts, both physical and digital.

Following consultation on their technology stack, we moved forward quickly with a plan to redesign the website. The previous website was significantly outdated, and featured thousands of disparate products with very little marketing focus or strategy. Customer education materials were few and far between. The website lacked the necessary content localization for the many markets that Vyaire operated in, and the platform didn’t meet important security and compliance standards, such as GDPR. It also lacked integration with key enterprise technologies at Vyaire such as Salesforce and Veeva. 

ADK’s Chief Strategy Officer, Chris Baker, comes from a medical device product management background. Being well versed in the complex legal and regulatory compliance requirements in the industry, he helped identify a need for Vyaire to streamline the document review and management process to reduce risk. The team ended up recommending and implementing Veeva Systems to manage marketing content changes in an FDA compliant manner. Through this best-in-class platform, Vyaire gained efficiencies in the document workflow process.

The Outcome: Driving User Experience and Strategy to Deliver a Robust Digital Footprint

A key objective to help Vyaire grow its brand digitally was to design a digital experience and marketing strategy. Our UX and UI teams were integral in developing an experience that forwarded Vyaire’s marketing objectives, told the brand story, and excelled from a performance and usability standpoint. 

We designed, developed, and launched a new e-commerce inspired with brand new content for all of the products on the website. ADK’s project managers oversaw the content gathering, implementation, and QA process across two local market website versions for the initial launch. The site, built on Drupal 8, was architected to support easy localization across additional markets over time.

ADK’s marketing team also worked with Vyaire and Legion 13 to stand up custom analytic dashboards for senior leadership in Salesforce, launch acquisition campaigns, and architected digital playbooks for launching new products. The team also focused on SEO and ensuring the site was designed to maximize visibility.

After launch, Vyaire’s website saw dramatic increases in web traffic and engagement and is continuing its growth.

When COVID-19 hit, Vyaire experienced unprecedented demand for it’s market-leading ventilators and respiratory care products. Vyaire’s digital platform stood ready for the influx of users flooding the site to access training materials and resources. The company has stood up to the call of duty, bringing their critical, life-saving products to the heroes of our medical community when they need it most.

Why ADK?

At the time our companies first met, Vyaire was a “big startup”. They needed a partner with the breadth of expertise to launch a global brand digitally. But they also needed a company who could act like the agile start-up that they were. Not many companies can check both of those boxes.

In the end, this partnership allowed ADK to bring a variety of skill sets to the table to move Vyaire forward. Our UX and UI teams ensured that Vyaire’s digital experience toolkit was robust and comprehensive by creating an enterprise design system. Our technical teams leveraged their deep experience with website localization, GDPR, Salesforce, and Drupal to architect, launch, and scale a robust, global website. ADK’s marketing teams built analytic dashboards, implemented SEO architectures and campaigns, and built out marketing landing pages. Our Chief Strategy Officer brought his extensive background in medical devices to shape Vyaire’s overarching digital strategy in a way that stayed true to the brand while fitting within regulatory and legal requirements. And our project management ensured that this “big startup” achieved real results in a matter of months, not years.