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Simplifying the buyer's journey for a cloud cybersecurity company


The user experience for cybersecurity solutions leader Avast was creating confusion among its customers with disorganized product offerings and disparate information.


Combining Avast’s multiple business sites into a single, unified experience with a simplified buyer’s journey so customers can easily find the right cybersecurity solution for their needs.


A single, streamlined experience that fits natural user behavior and makes it easier for customers to research and purchase the right products and services.

The Challenge

Avast’s business customers were met with a confusing user experience when trying to research the right cybersecurity products and solutions for their business.

For Avast’s customers, particularly those new to the process of selecting cybersecurity solutions for their business, a disjointed user experience was making it difficult to find a solution that would meet their needs.

Information was provided on different websites, and product details were buried pages deep. Customers ultimately were struggling to find clear, helpful answers about Avast’s products and services. Avast knew they could improve conversion rates with a more intuitive user journey.

The Solution

ADK developed a single website experience that provides a consistent and actionable path for new and existing customers.

ADK approached the website project in two phases – first, understanding the scope of Avast’s user experience challenges and complexities of its business lines; and second, designing an ideal solution to meet the company’s business-specific needs.

For ADK, the project hinged on marrying the needs of potential customers with Avast’s own business goals in order to produce a solution that drives more growth.

Product selection needed to be radically simple to ensure any customer at any knowledge level could use it – from small offices, to the enterprise, to channel partners. Our research, data collection, and design approach led to the development of a simple survey tool to match customers with the right product or service.

Collage showing different parts of the Avast application on different screens

The Impact

By combining Avast’s multiple business-facing web properties, the new site become an easy to use hub tailored to meet the cybersecurity needs of business customers.

ADK designed and developed a highly-improved user experience that not only consolidated Avast’s multiple business-facing websites into a single experience, but also matches users with customized recommendations for products and services.

The improved website has eliminated the previous challenges customers faced in researching and selecting a cybersecurity solution for their business. The revamped experience makes the complex and sophisticated nature of Avast’s product offerings less intimidating, bringing their digital presence up to speed with their real-world impact.

Three mobile device screens displaying the Avast application.