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Beyond Insurance

Building a custom membership platform for sustainable growth


A fragmented user experience threatened retention and growth by preventing clients from realizing the full benefit of their membership.


Understanding the audience and the functional requirements for these insurance tools uncovered an opportunity to meet all users’ needs and better represent the firm.


The improved user experience has yielded new business leads, new memberships, and greater member retention, leading to overall increased profit.

The Challenge

Clients and members of an insurance consulting firm were having a poor user experience when accessing key tools on the firm’s website, which was costing the firm business and reputation.

Beyond Insurance provides education and guidance for insurance professionals through a series of web-based tools that are available to a global network of insurance agencies.

With content living on different platforms, the multiple logins needed was creating a poor user experience. Consequently, the threat of membership churn became very real and Beyond Insurance’s reputation as an important resource for insurance professionals was at stake.

The Solution

ADK conducted a discovery process that revealed the disparate nature of the existing technology architecture, and identified the need for a technology platform that would unify all content areas.

As part of the discovery process, ADK obtained a deep understanding of each existing platform and their intended use. ADK then developed a plan to create a single platform with two parts – a public-facing website and a single login functionality for members to access all tools, resources, and their personal member data.

For ADK, the solution was improving accessibility by consolidating information and creating a robust, user-friendly platform on which to deploy it.

By working with Beyond Insurance’s team, including its Chief Experience Officer, and connecting with members, ADK was able to build a unified platform with functionality and UX designed for how both Beyond Insurance and its members wanted to use it.

The Impact

Shortly after launch, Beyond Insurance has seen huge improvements in retention, lead generation, and welcomed 11 new member businesses – resulting in millions of long term revenue.

Finally overcoming the limitations of its past technology investments, Beyond Insurance has successfully made the shift to becoming a digitally-enabled business.

Beyond Insurance is now able to function as a technology company with SaaS-like products, providing effective, valuable, and user-friendly content to clients and members.

Why ADK?

Building long-term growth through long-term relationships.

The BI team has enormously powerful ideas. Unfortunately past technology partners hadn’t taken the time to see the full vision. As a result, past technology investments hadn’t moved the organization forward.

We took a different approach. We saw our role as helping Scott and the Beyond Insurance team to become a technology company. We worked in an agile manner together. We documented all their big ideas, while staying focused on short-term execution. By managing the product roadmap together, Beyond Insurance launched their transformative new platform within budget and in months instead of years.

Today, we continue to build upon our successful partnership – growing Beyond Insurance’s technology and business, together.