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Brigham & Women’s Hospital

Studying lifestyle impacts on cancer therapy outcomes


A Brigham & Women’s Hospital surgeon received a grant to study the impact a lifestyle app could have on cancer patients’ treatment outcomes, and needed help developing the smartphone technology.


Building a unique mobile application that would track diet and exercise for cancer patients and allow the hospital to study the impact on treatment outcomes.


A fast, user-friendly smartphone app that allowed the hospital’s study team to easily interpret data to inform their research on patient outcomes.

The Challenge

To use a newly-received grant for studying the impact of a lifestyle app on cancer patient outcomes, Brigham Health needed an agency to design and build the technology.

Dr. Quac Trinh, a surgeon with Brigham & Women’s Hospital/Dana-Farber Urology, received a grant funding research on the impact of a mobile lifestyle app on outcomes of patients undergoing Androgen Deprivation Therapy.

Dr. Trinh needed a smartphone app that would allow patients to track their diet and exercise as they underwent cancer treatment, and that would provide data his team could study to understand the impact of lifestyle changes on the treatment outcomes of those patients.

The Solution

Leveraging the 60-page grant to inform a project plan, ADK developed and built a customized patient lifestyle app.

The mobile app needed to provide patients with diet and exercise guidance, allow them to track their progress, and enable the hospital’s study team to interpret the data.

For ADK, enabling data-driven insights to inform the hospital’s study on patient cancer treatment outcomes was the cornerstone of this effort.

ADK architected a mobile app that securely houses patient data, and provides an intuitive, content-based data collection capability with a patient-friendly user interface that made data input easy.

The Impact

The Brigham & Women’s Hospital/Dana-Farber Urology team was able to conduct important cancer treatment research using a customized mobile health data collection platform.

Our expertise in building custom healthcare applications for medical research teams enabled us to provide Dr. Trinh with a well-built, next-generation mobile application through which to conduct his study.