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Brigham & Women’s Hospital

Enhancing patient recovery after surgery with BWH


Helping patients adhere to the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery protocol required a more hands-on approach than the current practice of emailing paperwork and limited communication with hospital staff.


Developing a first-of-its-kind mobile application that would create a digital pathway for patients to follow the ERAS protocol with close support and monitoring from hospital staff.


The patient experience leading up to and after surgery was greatly improved, and the hospital was able to successfully administer the ERAS protocol to its OB/GYN patients.

The Challenge

Emailed and printed instructions for pre- and post-op recovery protocols were not effective in generating patient adherence and participation in the ERAS program.

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery is a protocol for patients that provides diet and exercise plans to help them prepare for and recover from surgical procedures. The protocol has gained traction in the medical community as an important component of healthy recovery from surgery.

With these lifestyle plans being emailed or mailed to patients, it was difficult for the hospital to monitor their progress or ensure the patient was following the guidelines. Effectively administering the protocol is key for the hospital to improve patient outcomes after surgery.

The Solution

ADK worked with Brigham & Women’s Hospital’s clinical team, conducting an in-depth discovery phase that revealed the core requirements for the app from the perspectives of the patient and the staff.

To support the need to share and track specific information for the patient, such as diet, exercise, and general wellness, the mobile app solution would have to be an intuitive, content-based data collection tool with a patient-friendly user interface.

For the team, putting patients in charge of their own wellness with support from the hospital staff was at the core of this mobile application solution.

ADK architected a HIPAA-compliant mobile app that would also securely house patient data as it was designed in compliance with the ERAS protocol. The solution came complete with a custom dashboard for hospital staff and a patient interface to capture key data and provide necessary and timely communication.

The Impact

The success of the ERAS mobile app in the OB/GYN department has caught on across the hospital and other departments are looking to adopt the same solution.

A hospital-wide rollout of the ERAS mobile app solution is in the works to provide the same enhanced patient experience across all departments.

The implementation in the OB/GYN department has shown that the ERAS protocol can be successful when managed through a dynamic, digital platform that gives both the patient and staff clear visibility over the process.