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Helping a healthy fast food restaurant tell its unique brand story with a website and restaurant experience.


While the flagship restaurant for Grown, a new brand founded by actress and singer Shannon Allen, was under construction, the company needed a website to help introduce Grown and tell its story.


Working closely with the Grown team, ADK Group developed a compelling website that reflected the brand, the restaurant experience, and told the unique story of the company’s founding.


Launching a sleek website to represent the brand as it launched its first of many restaurants helped create buzz and brand awareness, supporting Grown at its most critical time.

The Challenge

Startup Grown needed a website experience to support the brand as it launched its first restaurant.

While out one day driving around with her kids, Shannon Allen, a singer, actress, and wife of former NBA star Ray Allen, found herself in an emergency situation; her son, who has Type 1 diabetes, began suffering from a blood sugar attack. Frantically, Shannon searched for fast food for her son, and quickly realized there was nothing healthy she could get on-the-go.

Shannon’s experience led to her founding Grown, a healthy fast food restaurant that now has several locations in Florida’s Miami area. At the time the flagship restaurant was under construction, the Grown team realized they needed a website to help grow brand awareness and provide insight and background about the in-restaurant experience.

The Solution

Working closely with the Grown team, ADK Group gathered information about the brand and its audience to inform the website’s design.

Grown is much more than a fast food restaurant; the story behind the brand is the hook that makes it a truly unique offering to people looking for a healthy option while on the road.

For ADK Group, the focus was creating a website that made critical connections to the in-restaurant experience so patrons would understand the brand’s story and its unique value.

ADK Group designed and developed a website that was a true reflection of the Grown brand, told the company’s unique and compelling story, and visually represented the in-restaurant experience. Establishing consistency between the restaurant and the website was key to helping Grown, well, grow.

The Impact

Grown launched a restaurant and a website that together helped shape the brand and generate awareness at a critical time in its development.

ADK Group applied our expertise in website experience design to create a website that would help propel the Grown brand forward.

We also went on location at the flagship restaurant to help design the in-restaurant ordering experience. We leveraged our deep knowledge of the brand and its look and feel to elevate the customer experience whether they visited Grown online or in person.