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Boston Private Bank

How an Updated Design System Helped Triple Conversion Rates


Leading wealth management, trust, and private banking company Boston Private was struggling to engage and drive leads with rigid and unscalable templates for their content.


Creating a modular design system for promotional assets and landing pages that better reflected the Boston Private brand and improved conversion rates through better user experience. 


The Boston Private Marketing Team has reduced production time from days and weeks to a few hours, while dramatically improving key performance indicators.

The Challenge

Boston Private Bank wasn’t achieving optimal engagement with its current collection of educational and promotional content. 

As a leading wealth management, trust, and private banking institution, a significant focus for Boston Private is providing both educational and promotional content to drive engagement and conversions among a specific target audience. 

The company was currently creating each piece of content essentially from scratch, which was taking too much time to produce and resulted in an inconsistent brand experience, ultimately hindering lead generation and conversion. 

The Boston Private team knew what they needed and came prepared with clear goals for a modern, on-brand, responsive and dynamic template system that they could use autonomously.

The Solution

ADK Group engaged in a rapid two-week project to create a new design system that comprised a set of modular templates and an updated digital experience.

Using comprehensive information from Boston Private about its current content experience and vision for the new approach, ADK Group was able to develop and execute a two-week project plan. 

For ADK, the goal was effectively using the two-week timeframe to create a flexible, modular design system that stays on brand while unlocking efficiency and performance.

Over the course of two weeks, ADK Group applied the Boston Private brand to create, review, and iterate on more than 30 different design concepts and help the company select the core set of templates for each piece of content.  

The Impact

The fresh, newly-designed assets immediately resulted in increased engagement and helped Boston Private streamline its content production efforts.

Boston Private Bank is now able to quickly create and distribute educational and promotional content that offers a dynamic user experience, is reflective of the Boston Private Brand, and is effective at generating engagement and conversions. 

The institution is now better positioned to market itself and connect with existing and potential customers with content that captures attention and sets the brand apart.