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Medical Center Orthotics & Prosthetics

Supporting the continued growth of a leading prosthetics provider with a patient-centered mobile application.


An international leader in prosthetic care wanted to complement its continued growth and impact with a mobile application that would better engage and support their patients.


Creating a personalized, intuitive patient mobile app that merged knowledge from ADK’s years of partnership with Medical Center Orthotics & Prosthetics (MCOP) with our mobile app expertise.


Medical Center Orthotics & Prosthetics patients now have easy, personalized access to resources on their prosthetic devices and on-demand contact with their MCOP prosthetist.

The Challenge

A leading prosthetics provider was looking to better engage and support its patients as the company expanded its locations and patient base.

Medical Center Orthotics & Prosthetics (MCOP), an international leader in prosthetic care for lower limb and upper extremity amputees, was expanding its physical locations and, in conjunction, its patient base. MCOP wanted a mobile application to help engage and support its patients wherever they are.

The mobile application would be a significant complement to the work and offerings of MCOP, a highly regarded leader of the industry that has been selected as the exclusive prosthetic contractor to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for more than a decade.


The Solution

ADK, as a longtime partner of MCOP, developed a personalized, intuitive patient mobile app with features that would enhance the patient’s overall experience.

Pulling from more than five years of partnership helping MCOP expand its non-military clinics from one location to five, ADK understood what was required of a mobile app to effectively engage and support the center’s patients.

For MCOP, the mobile application was one piece of a broader partnership and overall investment in continuing to lead the industry in quality and innovation.

ADK worked closely with MCOP to define and prioritize features for the mobile app that would appeal to patients and increase their usage of the app as a way to support their overall patient experience. The app includes a personalizable set of resources for the patient’s specific prosthetic device, and provides an easy path by which they can contact their MCOP prosthetist.

Collage showing three different parts of the MCOP website, including the Technology page, the FAQs, and the Glossary page

The Impact

MCOP is able to better serve its patients with on-demand information and more streamlined contact capabilities.

As a company dedicated to helping amputee patients achieve a higher quality of life with a prosthetic device, MCOP is now able to serve its patients in another important way – through a digital mobile application.

The mobile app supports an important aspect of MCOP’s growth – enhancing the patient experience and making it easier for patients to get information and interact with MCOP wherever they are. MCOP patients now have another avenue for longer term, richer relationships with their providers.

Close-up shot of the MCOP website's Technology page with a Glossary of Terms listing displayed on the left side