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Streamlining customer service at Mercer with a web-based contact management application


The world’s largest human resources firm needed a contact management solution to help organize the hundreds of calls coming through the company’s internal call center.


Implementing an internal, web-based application to automatically match incoming calls with existing records within the company’s customer relationship management solution.


Mercer employees are now better able to understand their clients’ needs quickly and point them in the right direction right away.

The Challenge

Mercer’s internal call center had no streamlined way to accurately route and address the hundreds of customer calls it received.

Mercer, the world’s largest human resources firm, was being inundated with customer calls on a daily basis but did not have an effective solution in place to match the customer with the most appropriate person, service, or product to meet their needs.

Mercer wanted to improve the customer experience by providing more personalized assistance to callers, and track call volume and outcomes to improve their customer service approach.

The Solution

ADK implemented a web-based application to connect calls to Mercer’s customer relationship management solution.

Through a close collaboration with the Mercer team, ADK developed a web-based internal application that would automatically match calls made to the call center with existing customers within Mercer’s customer relationship management database.

For Mercer, the solution was both streamlined customer relationship management and helped drive revenue by improving the customer experience.

The web-based solution would also collect specific statistics such as call volume, the number of calls per call center tech, and provide an in-depth analysis of post call reports.

The Impact

Mercer improved their customer service approach and can drive revenue with a faster, easier way to field incoming calls.

The custom application makes all of its data instantly available to Mercer’s customer service representatives when a call comes in, allowing them to act quickly to point that customer in the right direction.

In addition to improved customer service, the web app was able to scale as Mercer expanded its technology to a more modern infrastructure several years later, an effort ADK also helped implement. Now, the company is able to realize the continued benefits of a streamlined customer relationship management process powered by a newer, more advanced infrastructure.