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Toyota Material Handling

Optimizing eCommerce for Toyota Industrial Equipment


The existing website and digital presence for Toyota Material Handling (TMH) did not accurately reflect the exceptional product quality and customer experience of the world’s largest forklift manufacturer.


Building a new website that represented the manufacturer’s unique brand, and elevated the customer experience through a series of strategic digital optimizations and aesthetic improvements.


Providing TMH with a scalable website that would support its growth, with continued enhancements to evolve the site functionality, SEO, and customer experience over time.

The Challenge

The world’s largest forklift manufacturer needed to improve customer experience it served through its digital presence.

Toyota Material Handling (TMH) needed a new website that would help them improve numerous aspects of their digital presence, including lead generation, product education, and online equipment sales; ultimately the manufacturer wanted to provide a more robust and memorable customer experience that lived up to their legendary brand.

Two screens (one desktop and one mobile) from the new Toyota Material Handling website. The desktop screen shows a product page that outlines the features and benefits of the Core IC Cushion Forklift. The mobile screen shows the Find a Forklift results page, displaying a Reach Truck and a 3-Wheel Electric Forklift.

The Solution

ADK designed and built a website that accurately represents the TMH brand, is optimized for improved performance, and provides an enhanced digital customer experience.

Ensuring the success of the new TMH website from both a brand messaging / visual identity perspective and a user experience perspective required ADK to gain a deep understanding of the company and how it serves customers all over the world.

For the project team, it was critical to build a new site that would be positioned for continued growth of the TMH company and set the standard of digital experiences for the industry.

ADK designed and built a new site that was not only visually stunning with enhanced brand aesthetics and rich product imagery, but that provided an intuitive and memorable user experience.

A collage of four screens from the new Toyota Material Handling website. Two of the screens (one desktop and one mobile) show the Find a Forklift page, which features different types of forklifts and has filtering functionality along the left hand side. The other two screens (one mobile and one desktop) show the homepage, which features links to shopping tools such as

The Impact

Since launch, the new TMH website has helped the company grow sales and better serve its customers online.

Toyota Material Handling has experienced a 75% year-over-year increase in transaction-based leads, 94% of which come from parts, service, or product pages, since the launch of its new website.

The site also received the Gold award from the American Advertising Federation, a testament to its user experience design and enhanced features and functionality.

Three screens from the Toyota Material Handling website over a white and orange background. From left to right, the screens show the following pages: Find a Forklift (features different types of forklifts with filtering functionality along the left hand side), Core IC Cushion Forklift (a product page that outlines the features and benefits of the Core IC Cushion Forklift), and the homepage (features links to shopping tools such as

A Continued Effort

Strategic monthly initiatives have resulted in greater enhancements, functionalities, and solutions to ensure the site’s impact and longevity.

ADK and TMH have continued working together to add new features, sections, and integrations to the website, including an eCommerce capability. These enhancements ensure the site is offering a differentiated and unique customer experience over the competition.

Over time, our partnership has also spawned the addition of personalized content creation to support TMH’s target audiences and their buying journey, further driving lead generation and conversions.