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ADK Industry Expertise

Be bold enough to stand out, and smart enough to leverage what works. 

ADK experience spans several industries, with a core focus in some of the most impactful and ever-growing sectors.  We help our clients thrive in their market by leveraging data to inform strategy, adopting agile processes to increase speed to market, approaching customer and employee experiences like a product that is forever beta, and designing impactful experiences that ladder up to their brand promise and vision.

Sector-Focused Approach
ADK Industry specialists consistently apply and adapt to your market, and in many cases, we turn your organization into the trendsetter, not the follower.
Tech-Focused Efficiencies
ADK works with most all platforms and development languages and tech. Our bread and butter includes Drupal, WordPress, ReactJS & Native, to name a few.
Business-type Solutions
From B2B enterprises to B2C startups and everything in-between, ADK introduces digital solutions that fit your business model and your target audience.
Whether it’s simplifying complex back-office processes, eliminating costly overhead, or re-positioning your digital presence to engage modern B2B buyers, the possibilities for your digital transformation are endless. 
See what we did for a leading manufacturer of conveyor systems.
For years, ADK’s healthcare app developers have worked alongside clinicians and medical researchers from leading organizations, designing and building innovative healthcare applications to help solve complicated problems through tech.
See what we did for Brigham and Women's Hospital
Set the ideal tech foundation to position your startup organization for immediate and sustained success. 
See what we did for a cloud storage startup that competes with Amazon & Google.
Their rapid progress developing the software has exceeded expectations. Internal stakeholders are confident that customers will enjoy the highly visual and user-friendly program. Trustworthy and organized, ADK Group is a knowledgeable industry partner. We’re 100% satisfied with them, in every aspect. We wouldn’t regret sending people to them.
Dale McDaniel,VP Operations, Span Tech
What’s it like to work with us?

We’re made up of several independent, multi-disciplinary teams. This model breaks down silos and fosters a nimble, collaborative culture designed for the way brands need to work today.

At ADK Group we merge our expertise with our clients' to form highly specialized and connected partnerships. 

Travis Triplett
Director, Strategy and Partnerships
As ADK's Director of Strategy and Partnerships, Travis is extremely thorough and fearlessly honest. He's also your biggest advocate. 

Travis works with clients new, old, large and small to uncover the business challenges that exist and then determine how to effectively solve them with technology. Internally, he plays a constant devil's advocate on behalf of our clients - questioning us all, challenging the entire organization to continuously improve. At the end of the day, Travis ensures that all ADK clients receive maximum quality and value from ADK services and products.