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Healthcare mobile app development services

Mobile and web apps to power research, recovery, and revolutions in healthcare

Building the Future of Healthcare

For years, ADK’s healthcare app developers have worked alongside clinicians and medical researchers from leading organizations - Harvard Medical School, Mass General Hospital, Brigham & Women’s Hospital - designing and building innovative healthcare applications to help solve complicated problems through tech. 

On the clinical and research side, we have specialized experience in mobile health research apps, remote patient monitoring and HIPAA compliant app development. Our custom healthcare applications typically serve to collect patient data for research, or improve efficiency and quality in the clinical setting.

For companies focused on non-clinical solutions, we provide nearly a decade of industry best practices for designing, building, and growing patient-facing connected care apps or health-related software and websites.

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From ideation to creation, we partner with world-renowned hospitals and passionate upstarts.
We're a full-service digital health agency with experience applying advanced technology to clinical, research, and non-clinical health apps.
Product and Experience Design
Our healthcare application design focuses on user goals and delivering complicated technologies in user experiences (UX) that feel simple and intuitive.
HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Applications
Our team is specializes in HIPAA compliant app development. We design highly secure cloud server and application architectures for HIPAA compliance without compromising on UX or performance.
Patient Data Collection for research
Whether it's a 30-day trial or a 5-year study, we identify technology plans, define system requirements, and develop solutions to meet your vision and budget.
Improving In-Clinic Quality & Efficiency
Building and launching mhealth apps is only the beginning. ADK tools are designed to automate complex processes for long-term ROI, whether it’s an internal or patient-facing system.
IoT for Healthcare
From the backend software to the patient-facing application, our team ensures that wearables and other connected medical devices live up to their potential to impact lives.
API Integration & Custom Database Development
Custom-developed API integration and a secure custom database architecture are not only crucial to HIPAA compliance but also central to our wheelhouse of expertise.
ADK Group has allowed us to meet our objective of reducing barriers to open and honest conversations around the issues of mental health in this country. The site is a manifestation of our organization's mandate and offers hope and a way forward for those confronting mental issues. We could not be more pleased."
Douglas Jacobs M.D., Screening for Mental Health Founder & Medical Director,
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mHealth Apps for Patients & Clinicians

Monitor and measure patient behavior via native Android and iOS mobile apps. Uncover key insights with customizable researcher dashboards hosted in a HIPAA-compliant cloud. 

ADK has designed and developed scalable mHealth applications that enhance the quality of care while allowing clinicians to streamline operations and large research initiatives in a number of ways, including connected care apps and remote patient monitoring. Our product managers partner with clinicians at leading research hospitals to outline a core set of requirements that all clinicians and researchers need in their applications and dashboards. We've since built these clinician-defined requirements into a standard code base that allows us to deliver top quality results more efficiently and cost-effectively, all customized to meet your unique goals and specifications.

Chris Baker
Chief Strategy Officer

As ADK's Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Chris Baker knows how to help businesses adapt to the rapidly changing digital landscape.

Chris has 10+ years of product marketing and technology experience and is ADK's go-to problem solver for partners' complex business challenges. From websites, to apps, to full-fledged digital transformations, Chris is passionate about finding the ideal digital solution to boost partner's digital footprint and provide them with a scalable foundation to continue their strategic growth initiatives.  

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